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Enkris Semiconductor, Inc.

Founded in March 2012 by Dr. Kai Cheng, a world-class pioneer in GaN-on-Si Epitaxial technology, Enkris Semiconductor, Inc. is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, with an advanced gallium nitride epitaxial material development and manufactory base. Enkris is dedicated to developing and producing high-quality GaN epitaxial materials for the applications like power electronics, micro-displays, etc. Enkris is also the only supplier globally which is able to provide 300mm GaN epi-wafers. This represents Enkris’ leading position in the GaN industry internationally.

During the company’s history, Enkris has created a number of milestones.  In 2014, Enkris launched the world-first commercial 200mm GaN-on-Si HEMT epi-wafers. Validated by downstream partners, the 200mm epi-wafer has state-of-the-art quality and excellent performance. In September 2021, Enkris announced world-fist 300mm GaN-on-Si HEMT epi-wafer, which won global attention and reputation. 

In Oct. 2018, Enkris was certified to ISO 9001: 2015. Nowadays, Enkris provides a wide range of GaN epi-wafers for both industry and academic customers all around the world. Some of our innovations have been reported by top academic journals such as Nature Electronics, IEEE Electron Device Letters, and top conferences like IEDM, which has global influence in semiconductor industry.

As a high-tech company, Enkris semiconductor has put a lot of efforts and resources in R&D and created its own portfolio of core IP. By the end of August 2023, Enkris has filed with > 700 patents in multiple regions with > 175 patents granted. 

The vision of Enkris Semiconductor, Inc. is to become a global GaN epitaxial material manufacturer and to deliver the best GaN materials solutions to our customers.