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Enkris Semiconductor always looking for the talents who can grow simultaneously with our company together. The following are the positions available in our company now. You can finish the application by sending the resume to, and we will feedback to you soon.

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  • IP Engineer
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Job Description:

1. Update and maintain the internal IP database;

2. Be responsible for patent proposal management and filing, patent application management and filing, and monitoring the period of granted patents;

3. Cost management and statistics for IP department;

4. Analyze, monitor and propose solutions to possible risks in intellectual property workflow;

5. Skillfully use external patent database to search patent proposals and write search reports;

6. Application of intellectual property projects;

7. Other work assigned by the company or department;


1. Master degree in materials science, physics, microelectronics and other related majors

2. Experience in patent writing is preferred

3. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

4. Good communication and organization skills, team spirit

  • Test Engineer
  • 1
  • Bachelor degree and above
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Job Description:

1. Test the epi-wafers with relevant testing instruments

2. Test data analysis and summary, test report generation, etc

3. Track and test the standard products, to monitor the production

4. Preparation and implementation of work-related SOP(standard operation process)

5. Other work assigned by supervisor


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in materials science, physics, chemistry, optoelectronics, microelectronics, etc

2. Fresh or more than 1 year working experience, semiconductor industry background or XRD testing experience is preferred

3. Good teamwork ability, proactive and team spirit

  • Public Affairs Manager
  • 1
  • Bachelor degree and above
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Job Description:

1. Conduct legal risk assessment and prompt, risk early warning and risk management for problems in various projects and operations of the company;

2. Be responsible for standardizing the company's contract review and management, and supervising the formulation of standard contracts

3. Be responsible for handling all kinds of litigation and non-litigation disputes of the company and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the company

4. Improve the company's intellectual property management system and carry out intellectual property layout according to the company's products and development plan

5. Be responsible for the company's relevant financing contact affairs and provide corresponding legal support

6. Be responsible for the management of the company's project application

7. Responsible for the management of intellectual property, legal affairs and project application team

8. Other work arranged by superior leaders


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law;

2. Solid legal skills, good ability to analyze, deal with, respond to and solve legal problems;

3. At least several years working experience in corporate legal or intellectual property (preferably in semiconductor industry);

4. Outstanding writing skills, smooth communication between Chinese and English;

5. Have the ability of enterprise patent organization and external publicity.